Footage from our screening of ‘The Killing Fields’ as part of New Putney Debates.

At the Inaugural event of the New Putney Debates, director Carlo Nero screened ‘the Killing Fields and later joined in a panel discussion. The panel included: Owen Jones (Campaigner, journalist & author of ‘The Establishment & how they get away with it’), Emeritus Professor Victoria Chick (UCL economist), Izabella Kaminska (Financial Times – Alphaville), Fred Harrison (Land activist, author, filmmaker), Peter Smith (Conservationist) and Timbrell (Occupy London) facilitating.

Below are some links to footage from the night showing Carlo Nero, Fred Harrison and Peter Smith discussing the film and some of the issues raised:

Carlo Nero introduces ‘The Killing Fields’ at The New Putney Debates

Carlo Nero discusses the issues raised in the Film following its screening.

Conservationist Peter Smith highlights the changes needed from an environmental perspective.

Land activist and economist Fred Harrison emphasises the points made in the film on the importance of land taxation.

If you would like to find out more about some of the points raised in the above videos, why not click here to view ‘The Killing Fields’ in full.

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