Russia/Chechnya Voices of Dissent

Directed by: Carlo Nero
Produced by: Vanessa Redgrave
Photography by: Luke Redgrave
Edited by: Daniel Gane
Original Music by: Claudio Capponi
Voices in English: Vanessa Redgrave
  Alan Rickman
  Corin Redgrave
  Kika Markham
  Suzanne Bertish
  Will Keen
  Carlo Nero
Additional Photography: Ross Bradley
  Andrew Dearden
  Gary Shore
  Martin Testar
Sound Recordist: Matthew Vaughn
Online Editors: Mike Curd
  Ben Cull
Sound Mixer: Danny Finn
Voice-Over Recordists: Malcolm McGeorge
  Olatz Gonzalez
Archive Footage: BBC Motion Gallery
  ITN Archives
  Reuters TV
  Capa Presse TV
and Manon Loizeau
  Dreamscanner Productions
  Vladimir Bukovsky Archives
  Nizam Productions /
Borz Productions
  Vanessa Redgrave Archives

The filmmakers are very grateful to “MEMORIAL” –
The Human Rights Society of the Russian Federation
for their archive photographs of Soviet Dissidents

“Stalin and the Sandglass”
Artist: Pyotr Belov
Included courtesy of: Marina Belov

Special thanks to Birlyant Ramzayeva – Honoured People’s Artist of the Chechen Republic – for her songs

from “Hero of Our Time”
Director: Andrei Nekrasov

Thanks to Wayne Lovell at ITN Archives
and Mikhail Donskoy

Excerpt from “The Manifesto of Man”
by: Yuri Galanskov

“The Guard of Love”
Music and Lyrics by: Bulat Okudzhava
Publisher: Ikaros (STIM)

“The Union of Friends”
Music and Lyrics by: Bulat Okudzhava
Publisher: Musikverlag Hans Sikorski Gmbh (GEMA)
Publisher: Ikaros (STIM)

Post Production
Clear Cut Pictures – London
Director: Horacio Quiero

Video Transfers
Glode Video Services
Director: Stephen Albrow

We dedicate this film to

Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch

to the tens of thousands of Soviet dissidents
who died, or survived, mostly in poverty
and mostly unknown

the Human Rights groups and lawyers
of the Russian Federation

and all the brave, honest people of the
Russian Federation
and the Republic of Chechnya

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