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Carlo Nero – Director/Writer

Carlo Nero

Carlo Nero has written, directed, and produced a number of award-winning films and documentaries including: “ROMA INTORNO A ROMA” (Rome around Rome) (3rd Prize winner in Documentary section of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival 1991), “A KID FROM BENSONHURST” (“First Look” showcase at Tribeca Film Center, New York 1994, Honorable Mention at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival 1995), “LARRY’S VISIT” (Winner of Bronze Plaque at the Columbus International Film & Video Festival in 1995). Mr. Nero has also directed the costume drama short “LA ROSA E LA FALCE” (The Rose and the Sickle), the documentary “CASA DI GHIACCIO” (House of Ice) commissioned by the Italian Nuclear and Alternative Energy Organization, and “LETTER FROM NEW YORK TO SARAJEVO”, a concert-film for UNICEF in New York.

He co-wrote the screenplay for the feature-length Action-crime film “THE TOUCH” (Il Tocco) and then directed his first full-length feature film “UNINVITED” (with Mediaset), based on the acclaimed novel by James Gabriel Berman (Warner Books). It was winner of the “Young Artists Award” Tbilisi Int´l Film Festival. Presented also at 16 other International Film Festivals including Cannes, San Sebastian, Hollywood, Moscow, Karlovy Vari and Taormina.

“THE FEVER” (with HBO Films) was his second feature-length film which he co-wrote and directed (produced with Jason Blum), starred Vanessa Redgrave with Angelina Jolie and Michael Moore, received a Screen Actors Guild Nomination for its star.

In 2013 he wrote and directed the drama, “THE CALL OUT” for Sky Arts ‘Playhouse Presents’ series starring Stephen Graham, Vanessa Redgrave and Samantha Bond.

His most recent documentaries are “RUSSIA/CHECHNYA: Voices Of Dissent” about the history of the Russian-Chechen conflict, “Wake Up World”, a documentary about the history of UNICEF (Ischia Global Social Documentary Award 2008), the short film “BOUNCE” in association with Bill Kenwright Ltd, “The Killing Fields” commissioned by the Wildwood Trust, last year’s “BOSNIA RISING” made with the support of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. And the recently completed ‘EYES OF ST JOHN‘ made in associated with St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group.



Vanessa Redgrave – Producer

Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa Redgrave is a Special Representative for the United Nations Childrens Fund. Since 1993 she has worked in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb, in Slovenia and Macedonia during the war; and in Kosovo in 1998 and 1999 with UNICEF and the Mother Theresa Society.

She is a long standing supporter of a number of Russian human rights societies, including MEMORIAL, The Sakharov Foundation and ‘For Human Rights’. In 1999, with her brother Corin, she founded the International Campaign for Peace and Human Rights in Chechnya.

She works for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees with UNHCR.

In 2004 she worked with UNRWA in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, and with Eyal Bloch and Amos Mokadi for OLYMPEACE. She is a passionate supporter of the West East Divan Orchestra founded by Daniel Barenboim and Professor Edward Said.

She has financed and produced documentary films including: “The Palestinians” 1977. “Can’t We Put Human Beings First” 1991 (for UNICEF’S emergency appeal for Iraqi children). “Children’s Stories: Chechnya” 2000. “Russia/Chechnya: Voices of Dissent 2005”.

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