Dissent Projects is proud to announce that it’s feature-length documentary SEA SORROW, marking the directorial debut of company co-director Vanessa Redgrave and produced by Carlo Nero, has been invited for a special screening as part of the Official Selection at this years’ Cannes Film Festival! We are also delighted to announce ‘Autlook Filmsales’ as our world sales agent:

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“Sea Sorrow” Feature-length Documentary completed!

We are proud to announce the completion of our feature-length documentary “Sea Sorrow” helmed by Vanessa Redgrave, making her directorial debut. The film features Lord Alf Dubs–who escaped the holocaust via the Kindertransport and has since been a passionate campaigner for refugee rights–and actors Ralph Fiennes, Emma Thompson and Juliet Stephenson. The piece is a meditative reflection on the current refugee-migrant crisis mixing past and present, documentary and drama, framed within the ongoing struggle for human rights.

‘Eyes of St John’ recognised with another award!

Dissent Projects’ latest documentary, ‘Eyes of St John’ has won another prestigious Humanitarian Award from The Global Film Awards.

The goal of the Humanitarian Award is to honour filmmakers who are bringing awareness to issues of Ecological, Political, Social Justice, Health and Wellness, Animals, Wildlife, Conservation and Spiritual importance.                                    The nominees are hand picked by the judges and staff from hundreds of entries throughout the year across three international competitions – The Accolade Global Film Competition, The IndieFEST Film Awards and the Best Shorts Competition – the films are brought together under the Global Film Awards umbrella and the winners are chosen from this wide pool of entries.

Information about the Global Film Awards and a list of recent winners can be found at www.GlobalFilmAwards.comIn winning a Humanitarian award from Global Film Awards, Dissent Projects joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this important award such as Oscar nominee Liam Neesom for narration of Love Thy Nature, multiple Emmy winner Alfre Woodard for Soft Vengence, Oscar winner (student) Emily Kassie for the powerful I Married My Family’s Killer and many more.

Rick Prickett, who chairs the competitions under the Global Film Awards umbrella, had this to say about the Humanitarian winners, “It takes great talent to tackle the world’s most pressing issues with film and do a great job.  It takes an even greater heart. Global Film Awards helps set the standard for Humanitarian filmmaking worldwide.  The goal of Global Film Awards is to help winners achieve the recognition they deserve for the incredible job that they do.”

Please see see the trailer for ‘Eyes of St John’ under the video section of our Facebook page.

‘Eyes of St John’ screening held in central London

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 13.48.34

A fantastic and well received evening at The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square London where a packed audience watched our latest and award winning documentary, ‘Eyes of St John’ made with and about St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group. Following the screening we held a Q & A session with its director, Carlo Nero, its producer, Vanessa Redgrave, Mr. Nicholas Woolf the chairman of St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group and Moorfields Eye Hospital Consultant, Mr. David Verity.

Please see below for some pictures taken from the event:



‘Eyes of St John’ recognised with prestigious award!

SMALL BEST-SHORTS-Excellence-logo-black

Dissent Projects is proud to say that our latest documentary, ‘Eyes of St John’ about St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, has been given an award of excellence by The Best Shorts Film Competition.

This project which was directed by Carlo Nero and produced by Carlo and Vanessa Redgrave, sheds light on the vital work undertaken everyday across Israel and Palestine by the St John team.

Dissent Projects was touched by the tireless efforts of the volunteers and medical workers who through the hospitals and satellite eye care clinics make a real difference to people’s lives in a part of the world blighted by conflict.

‘Eyes of St John’ therefore typifies the sort of projects Dissent likes to get involved in and support and so we are extremely grateful for this award and the recognition it represents.

The judges at The Best Shorts base their decisions on the quality,creativity and technical aspects of each piece.
Previous winners include the Weinstein Company for Market Hours, and Oscar winning production Mr.Hublot.
Therefore in winning a Best Shorts Award, Dissent Project’s latest work reflects the tremendous effort made by Carlo Nero and Vanessa Redgrave in making ‘Eyes of St John’.

For a chance to see this great documentary, a preview screening of ‘Eyes of St John’ will be held on Tuesday 12th January 2016 at 7pm promptly at the Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square. This will be followed by a Question & Answer session with Vanessa Redgrave, Carlo Nero and representatives from St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group.

To book tickets please visit

or call the Prince Charles Cinema Box Office on 020 7494 3654.

Photos from our first preview screening of ‘Eyes of St John’ at Twickenham Film Studios

Following the completion of ‘Eyes of St John’ for St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, we hosted our first preview screening at Twickenham Film Studios.

The charity’s work depicted in this film spurred the interest of a number of friends and guests of Vanessa Redgrave and Carlo Nero who attended our event.

It was a successful night bringing together a variety of people and opening up an interesting discussion after the screening.

Unknown                        Vanessa Redgrave and Carlo Nero giving an introduction to the Film.                              

Unknown-1               Sunny Vohra, Owner of Twickenham Film Studios, HM Queen Noor of Jordan and Carlo Nero. 

Unknown-2                 Vivienne Westwood and Nicholas Woolf, Chairman of the board of St John Eye Hospital.                    


Unknown-3             A discussion on the issues raised in the film with our guests after the screening.


                     Nicholas Woolf, HM Queen Noor  of Jordan and Vanessa Redgrave.               

Unknown-5                              Rt Hon Baroness Kennedy with HM Queen Noor of Jordan.                            

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.44.58                        Founder of Films Without Borders, Jill Samuels with HE Afif Safeh.

Eyes of St John’ captures the tireless efforts of St John of Jerusalem in  bringing vital medical attention to children and adults of all backgrounds regardless of race, religion or ability to pay making a real difference to the communities they work with under very challenging conditions. 

 Click here to view our Trailer

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